Top 5 Scrubs Buying Tips for Nurses

Choosing the right scrubs can be a daunting task - there are a seemingly endless variety available on the market and no real way to figure out what to buy. We here at Scrubs Tailored want to make sure you've got the best information possible when it comes to making that choice. Here are our top 5 tips for buying scrubs.

The Top 5 Tips For Buying Nursing and Medical Scrubs

Pay Attention To Color: Some employers have specific color scenes. Make sure when purchasing scrubs you adhere to any and all requirements set forth - some hospitals are specific in terms f color and even brand. Some allow color on trim and some do not.

Don't Forget the Pockets: You know what your needs are in terms of your equipment and supplies. The more pockets you've got, the more you can carry. There is nothing more frustrating than having too many items and not enough storage space. Scrubs from Scrubs Tailored can be customized in terms of number and style of pockets.

Fabric Matters: There are as many different types of scrub fabrics as there are colors and styles. Make sure you find one that works for your skin - look for soft, durable scrubs that won't cause chaffing. You're going to be wearing your Scrubs on long shifts and comfort is essential.

Get Them To Fit: Everyone's body is different and not all scrubs will fit properly. Scrubs Tailored offers custom length on all our pants at no additional charge. We also offer custom tailoring on our trademarked Model/CoolMax line of scrubs. We will give you that perfect fit every time.

Quality Is Important: If you're on a budget, the temptation is to go as cheap as possible on your new scrubs, but don't fall prey to one of the biggest mistakes around. Low quality scrubs will wind up costing you much more in the long run as the fade, fray, and become quickly unwearable. It is better to buy one good, high quality pair of scrubs, than to be forced to by 6 or 7 low quality ones.

Watch Out For Fading: Make sure to look for high quality Scrubs that are fade resistant. Make sure to purchase scrubs that will hold up to long term washing and cleaning.

Follow this advice and you're well on the way to becoming an expert in buying scrubs.