I love Modal fabric made scrubs

First developed by the Austria Lenzing company, who trademarked the fabric's name, modal is now made by many manufacturers.

Modal is a processed bio-based textile made from reconstituted cellulose from the beech tree. It is very soft and popular for both clothing and household textiles. The textile may be used on its own or in a blend with cotton, spandex , or other textiles. In many ways, it acts like cotton, but it also has some significant advantages over that fiber.

One of the advantages of modal over cotton is its resistance to shrinkage, a notorious problem with cotton. It is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction. The smoothness of the fabric also makes hard water deposits less likely to adhere to the surface, so it stays soft through repeated washings.

Modal drapes well and keeps its shape, even when wet. In order to keep them looking best, items should usually be ironed after washing. This may not be necessary for fabric blends, however.

ScrubsTailored.com is using modal and other fibers blended to make new Generation fabrics. This fabric is developed specially for our nurses and doctors who work hard for our communities. It will be in market soon.