How to select your medical scrubs?

Medical uniforms are part of the identity of doctors, nurses and all health personnel. The medical scrubs are a tool that gives you protection and security, they also give you your identification according to the hospital department where you work.

When it is time to choose your scrubs top, pants or labs coats you must take into account that it should be comfortable, with colors according to your work area and choose a type of comfortable fabric for your skin. Remember, your medical uniform or labs coats is an important work tool for you, because it will provide all the security and comfort possible.

If you feel disoriented to choose the medical uniform that suits your needs, do not worry, we will help you with these 5 special tips to choose your medical scrubs


When choosing your Scrubs Top or Scrubs Pants, consider the model that best suits your needs. You can choose modern, innovative or striking models that highlight your personality while maintaining the formality and seriousness of your work. If you are one of those who likes to keep the classic model, you can also choose your classic medical scrubs that suits you.


You can have the freedom to choose the color that represents your specialty, work area or the department where you work, not just white. If you want specialized uniforms you can also choose medical scrubs with prints of all kinds.


When you are in your work day, you know very well that you need a kind of practical uniform with comfortable pockets to store your pen, notepad or any work instrument. You can choose your scrubs top with wide pockets for your comfort or you can choose a minimalist design if you do not like to have.

Type of fabric

There are many varieties of types of fabric to choose your Medical Scrubs. The most common fabrics used to make the Medical Scrubs and Lab Coats are combinations of cotton, polyester, spandex. You can choose the type of uniform that has the percentage of the type of fabric you want according to your needs.

Cotton: It is a natural fiber that makes your garment comfortable in any season of the year, it adapts to cold and warm climates, it has great resistance, they adjust well to the figure of your body and are easy to personalize.

Polyester: They are durable, easy-care fabrics, resistant to stretch and shrink, resistant to wrinkles and easy to wash.

Spandex: Expandable fabric, resistant to perspiration, are very strong and light fabrics.

 Choose the Labs Coats ideal for you

Traditionally, color has always been white, but currently, you can find a variety of colors. The Lab Coats is a symbol of identity for scientists and researchers. You can choose a wide variety of fabrics such as Spandex, Modal or CoolMax that fit you.