How to Look Fashionable in Scrubs

Any nurse or healthcare professional will tell you the most important aspect of their scrubs is their utility. But when it comes to fashion, it’s a love/hate relationship. “I need something that’s functional, but I still want to look good,” many female nurses and healthcare professionals lament. Good news! There are many easy and simple ways to look your best in your scrubs without violating policy.

  1. Choose Scrubs that Fit and Complement

It might be tempting to settle for “one-size-fits-all” scrubs, but you would buy any of your other clothes that way. Why buy scrubs that aren’t really made for your body? Scrubs that are too loose will get in the way and make doing your job more difficult. Scrubs that are too tight will be uncomfortable and limit your ability to move freely and naturally.

Go ahead and invest in your scrubs that are the right length and the right material. If you need more flexibility, look for scrub bottoms with elastic waistbands. If you sweat often, find athletic materials, like CoolMax, that help sweat wick away quickly and keep you dry. If your pants are too long, get them hemmed so they don’t drag. This is free service from some companies, like Scrubs Tailored. You don’t pick up extra dirt, stains, or any other bodily fluids from the floor! Professionally tailored scrubs can ensure that your pair of scrubs will fit and flatter. When you wear clothes that fit your body, you’ll be confident, happy and professional!


  1. Your Hair Makes the Look

Even minimalist women know that a bad hair day can make any outfit seem miserable. It’s even more true about your work clothes! Take the time to add some style. Pin it back, throw it up, use a fun accessory, add some product, or even get out your curling iron. If your hair is tangled, run a comb through it. If it’s oily, spritz on some dry shampoo or give it a quick rinse with some soap. Taking some time to make your hair nice might seem vain, but you’ll feel fresher and better about yourself as you step into work.


  1. Focus on a Facial Feature

Many women use make up to feel better about themselves and add personality, but a hospital might not be the place to channel your inner Lady Gaga. Opt for make-up look that is natural. Mascara or lipstick are easy tools to add some fun and personality. If you’re running short on time, emphasize a facial feature that you love (your eyes, your brows, your smile). Knowing that your eyebrows are on fleek or that your smile looks extra bright can satisfy your inner perfectionist.


  1. Find Great Accessories

Accessories are a great way to infuse your outfit with more personality. Most nurses need a watch, so make sure your timepiece fits your personality and fits your wrist comfortably. If you carry medical supplies, like stethoscopes, you can find cute stethoscope covers to add a bit of character. You can find lots of types on Etsy, Amazon, or even make one yourself. You might want to add personality by decorating your name tag or wearing a cute pin. When adding accessories, be sure to pay close attention to your hospital or clinic dress code restrictions!

If you want to go a little bolder, find a scrub hat that screams you! Nursing caps or hats can help keep your hair in place, hide a bad hair day or poor haircut, and give you a neat and modest appearance. All Heartcarries adjustable scrub hats and caps of all colors and patterns for men and women. Some caps even have fun features, like comical “cat ears”.

You also might consider embroidering your scrubs. Some scrub companies (like ScrubsTailored!) will embroidery lines of text for just a couple of dollars but most of them are extremely costly. You could even opt for image embroidery, like hospital logo, for less than $5. Personalizing your scrubs may seem trivial, but little modifications can be fun and add joy to your day and your patients.


  1. Make Your Feet Happy

Running around the hospital floor in poor fitting shoes isn’t fun. You’re on your feet all day, so you should protect them! Invest in a comfortable pair of sneakers or Crocs that give you extra support in the areas you need it most. Closed-toe shoes that are waterproof can also make you feel better about any foreign liquids leaking on your foot. Choose colored shoes that are bright and happy or match your crocs to your scrubs. Uniform Advantage has many clogs of all patterns, colors, and sizes that are slip resistant and made especially for nurses and medical professionals. Pair great shoes with fun or comfy socks that match your mood.


  1. Keep Your Scrubs in Shape

If you work on a floor that is prone to messes, you might consider wearing a scrub jacket or a disposable scrub to keep your scrubs from stains. You may even want to choose darker-colored scrubs to ensure stains are less noticeable.


Scrubs are what you’re wearing to work every day, so you want to make sure that the scrubs you buy are worth the investment. Buy high-quality scrubs, which should be able to withstand wear and resist stains better. Scrubs tend to lose their form over time and after multiple washes. Top-quality fabrics will stay crisp longer and wrinkle less. Popular scrub brands include Cherokee UniformsBarco UniformsWonderWink…. One thing to keep in mind about smaller scrub companies (like yours truly): they supply high quality scrubs, add more personality, made from great fabrics and priced competitively. Some smaller companies are able to deliver tailored and personalized custom orders faster than larger companies and they have better customer service. (Check out Scrubs Tailored selection—click here!)

Showing up to work in a messy bun and wrinkled scrubs might not seem like a big deal, but if you’re not taking yourself seriously, why should your co-workers or patients take you seriously either? A clean pair of scrubs and neat hair can make you feel more confident and prepared to take your long hours and hectic schedule head on!