4 Tips For Keeping Your Scrubs Looking Fantastic

Caring for nursing scrubs can be an exhausting challenge for any working nurse or medical professional. Most scrubs are made from cheap fabric that gets easily worn out, which can be hard on a working nurse's budget.
Scrubs need a bit more care than regular clothing and should not be treated the same way you treat t-shirts or other work clothes. They require extra special care in terms of disinfecting and reconditioning them for your next shift. 4 Tips For Taking Care of Your Scrubs

Scrubs Tailored offers you these 4 tips to keep your Scrubs in the best shape possible.

1. Always Pre-Treat New Scrubs: the single most common problem with medical scrubs is fading. The best way to prevent fading, or at least hold it off as long as possible, is to pre-treat them before you wear them. This will set in the scrubs' color and keep them from fading over time. The easiest pre-treatment process is a small tub of cold water mixed with a quarter to one-half cup of vinegar.

2. Wash Them On Their Own: make sure to wash scrubs separately from other clothing. The main reasoning behind this is their need for disinfecting. Keep them clean AND germ free by washing them in their own load.

3. Use Color-Safe Stain Removers: Stains are the bane of every nurse's existence. They happen and there's no real way to prevent them. What you can do is make sure to use a color-safe stain-remover to make sure the stains are removed and to prevent color fading in your scrubs. Make sure to remove stains BEFORE washing to make sure they disappear completely.

4. Perfume Can Be Your Enemy: For those nurses who wear perfume to work, spray directly onto your skin or undershirt and not onto the scrubs themselves. Many perfumes will leave stain-causing residue or discolorations behind - the same is true for many lotions. These stains are difficult at best to remove and can be avoided by keep perfume and lotion off of the scrubs.

Follow the 4 simple tips to help keep your scrubs looking the best for years to come.